Real Estate Law

Our firm is confident that we can provide the best, most inclusive real estate legal services that you can find. Why? We have an attorney who is a licensed real estate broker, and also have an attorney who is a licensed real estate agent. This unique educational background makes us the most knowledgable, experienced, and specialized team of Real Estate Lawyers you will find.

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Real Estate Law Practice Areas

  • Commercial Development

  • Zoning

  • Land Use

  • Tenants’ rights

  • Mortgage Contracts

  • Construction Law

  • Leasing Contracts

  • Lease Negotiation

  • Title Insurance Law

  • Property disputes

  • Adverse Possession

  • Land Contracts

  • Foreclosures

  • Short sales

  • Buying and selling commercial and residential real estate

  • Mortgage Modifications & Negotiation

  • Drafting/Reviewing real estate contracts

  • Lease/Purchase agreements

  • For Sale By Owner Legal Assistance

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Real Estate Law - How We Can Help


Imagine that you've saved, planned, and dreamt of purchasing that perfect piece of real estate for many years. Finally, after much hard work and patience - your dreams become a reality when you purchase your property. You are careful and very thorough in every step of the process, yet the one step you decide to skip is hiring an attorney. After all, you have a real estate agent and a mortgage officer. After the transaction is complete and the ink has dried, you go to proceed with your plans of building a dream home - but then the rug is pulled out from under you. Some specific zoning that was not discovered while you were in the process of purchasing your property is preventing you from following through with your plans. Your life savings is tied up in a piece of real estate that, for the time being, you cannot do anything with. We care so much about this area of law and its importance that not only are we a Law Firm, we are partnered with Appreciation Realty, a Brokerage and Bill McClintic is an associate broker, and Gavin McClintic is a licensed Real Estate Agent. We are the only firm with this unique combination in the surrounding areas and beyond. This gives McClintic Law Firm an unmatched competitive edge when it comes to real estate law. Call us today if you are even thinking about making a real estate related decision!

Real Attorneys Who Know Real Estate

Does the above story sound like a nightmare and that it could never really happen? Its a very true story for many, and as unfair as it seems - it happens more than most know. Your realtor and mortgage officer are well equipped to handle the purchase agreements, bill of sale, financial applications and approvals - but their expertise stops short of providing legal guidance. There are many areas of Real Estate transactions that only a trained attorney has the knowledge, expertise and wherewithal to effectively protect your assets and rights during any Real Estate Transaction.