Agricultural Law

We are in the heart of an Agriculture Mecca here in Central Michigan, and we’re also proud of it! If you are one of the dedicated individuals who have built a business based on agriculture and farming, you want to protect all you have worked so very hard for. Due to the scope and diversity of the agriculture industry in Michigan, different and intricate legal issues often arise. Farmers and those in agriculture related business can benefit from attorneys that understand the business of Michigan agriculture and the laws that apply to it. In the Central Michigan region - the firm that knows more about Agricultural law is the McClintic Law Firm.

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Agriculture Law Practice Areas

  • Farm Land & Real Estate Law

  • Farm Land Leases

  • Lease Modifications and Extensions

  • Farm Estates & Planning

  • Communication Tower Leasing and Support

  • Supply management

  • Zoning

  • Nuisance actions

  • Standing crop arrangements

  • Water rights

  • Boundary disputes

  • Land use

  • Easements

  • Zoning

  • Environmental Law

  • Farm Labor and Employment Law

  • Wind Farms & Wind Energy Laws

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We Specialize in Agriculture Related Legal Issues


You work with the land; you create things and help provide people with the things they need, a lawyer can help you protect and grow your flourishing agricultural business. We’re here to be your friend and ally. There are aspects of agricultural business that you might not be in a position to deal with as well as other aspects. We can help you with those blind spots like zoning issues, or laws dealing with the material aspects of your business such as pesticides or fertilizer. We can help deal with the infrastructure process in order to protect you and your business, while you deal with the important part of actually providing the products and running the farm! Let us be your ally - because, just like you, we are outstanding in our field! (pun intended)